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Non-Profits are good at job creation too!

Non-profit organizations are often not thought of as contributing to economic growth by many in the economic development scene, yet I disagree. While most non-profits are spared from federal taxation, nearly all contribute to taxes in a number of forms. Most importantly, non-profits are generally good stewards of job creation.

Today, most economic developers measure success of entrepreneurial ventures by such job creation. Additionally, non-profits spend a generous amount of funds in rent, supplies, and other consumables in their communities creating a multiplier effect for tax creation. Of course, let’s not forget the most important reason for non-profits in that they are grass-roots servants and stewards for good in our communities…the true purpose non-profits were set up.

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I Don’t Need Insurance for My Small Business. My Homeowners Insurance will Cover It.

Not it will not. First, be aware that all small firms should have at least a general liability policy to protect the firm in its general practice even if there is no office or retail location with public traffic. Some small firms should even consider professional liability or errors and omissions policies where they might apply. If you are unsure what type of insurance you need, let us know. We can connect you with experts ready to help.

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Yes, You Do Need Legal Counsel

Despite popular belief, all small firms should have legal counsel available to assist them from firm concept through growth phases, particularly in the areas of risk mitigation and contracting. Have you ever gone into business with a family member? What happens if you get divorced or if a partner unfortunately passes away? While we never truly want to think about any of these negative impacts when making our dreams come true, these realities are essential in the planning and growth of any small firm. Get legal assistance today! We might even have financial assistance to assist you in doing so. Let us know if you need help.

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Investors Have Interest in Small Firms Too

There are many reasons investors are looking for small firms to invest, most of which is based in technology startups. If you are working on the next technology solution, APP, software solution, enterprise solution; investors may want to assist you in the short term. Let us know.

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The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner outlines six modules on how to effectively lead like a Fortune 500 company. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this program through the Baton Rouge Community College through a grant provided through the Louisiana Workforce Commission. If you are interested in growing leaders not employees, reach out.

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Employee Training

Training is the cornerstone of growth for any firm; any size. How often do you commit to providing training and development for your employees? Do you talent plan? Succession plan? Have you completed a competency sort for all your job descriptions to assist in finding and growing good talent? How do you handle disciplinary action for employees? Incentives? Bonus plans? If any of these are topics you have interest, please let us know!

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Financial Planning

Have you created a financial plan for your firm? Have you considered debt reduction? Consolidation? Vendor analysis? Could a financial plan assist you? We can help!

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If I Only Had More Sales, I Could Make More Money…Right?

Wrong! Studies show that producing new sales is not the best way to grow revenues in today’s highly competitive and specialized market. The way to a stronger bank account is to practice CRM strategy.

What is CRM Strategy you ask? Customer Relationship Management is the answer. There are numerous methods to explore relationship growth to mine additional revenues from your own clients. CRM can be time consuming but with the right software, you’ll find that it can be managed quite effectively. How have you used CRM to grow revenue?

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